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Seattle PoopBusters is taking on new customers and widening our service area! From Seattle to Federal Way, from Bellevue to West Seattle, we would love to hear from you! Give us a call or text!

About Us

💩 Tired of cleaning your yard after your dog? TWO FREE WEEKS of dog poop scooping! Get started today!

Are you tired of scooping dog poop? Fighting over who gets to do the dirty deed? Let me save your marriage and your back! I am a professional poop scooper! I will come and scoop the dog poop from your yard and haul it away - no more stinky mess in your garbage can!  I have been a professional poop scooper for three years and can provide many references.

Two free weeks!

I am offering a special of two free weeks of dog poop scooping, that's one visit per week where I will come and scoop the dog poop from your yard. If you have an embarrassingly large amount of dog poop sitting there - NO problem! I still will not charge you. (Only rare exceptions are unusually large yards - if your yard is significantly larger than a large city or suburban yard, we can talk.) 

After two weeks, there is no obligation and no pressure to continue. If you do continue, there is no contract; you may cancel at any time. You can also let me know up until the morning of the day I come, that you need me to skip that week, and there will be no charge. And I bill after the work is done, not at the start of the month like the big poop scooper companies. ; )

I also offer four free visits if you refer me to someone who hires me as a poop scooper. :)))

Rates and service area

My rates are as follows:

$15/yard/week if I come once weekly

$25/yard/week if I come twice weekly

$5/each extra dog/week

I am licensed with the city and state as a poop scooper, bonded and insured with Pet Sitters Associates. I dispose of the dog poop according to King County ordinance. I come out rain or shine, including holidays, and I don't take vacations (I love my job!). I use a commercial-grade disinfectant on my tools in between each yard, and also wear medical booties over my shoes, to make sure that no diseases get transmitted from yard to yard. And I am a proud USCG veteran so I am always on time and can clean anything!

I serve Mercer Island, Bellevue south to Newcastle, the Seattle area including Seattle from Capitol Hill south, West Seattle, Renton, and south to Federal Way. I look forward to hearing from you!

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